Welcome to the World of Tuscana! At Tuscana, we are a team of creatives, motivated by our desire to spread the joy in this magnificent world of ours. We, like our wonderful customers, have a vision of a better, more fabulous world, and with you, we strive to reach the potential that is all of ours. We appreciate the wonders of the world and of life itself and wish to partake in it fully! 

Toward this shared vision, and for your delight, we have created an amazing line of boutique products:  

  • Luxury Perfume Oils (or skin scents) prepared with the finest natural and organic essences so that you can experience the nuances of nature.
  • Natural skin care products prepared with lightly or unscented fine oils designed to enhance your beauty, health, and well-being. 100% Goodness!
  • Top Notes Blog to explore our wonderful world
  • So much more...

Some have exclaimed “What an expensive price tag!” Our perfumes, health and beauty products are not the cheapest, it’s true. But our response is that we bring to our customers only the finest . We avoid (like a plague) the inferior, bad stuff. No artificial preservatives (like parabens). No dyes (Red dye No. 4 anyone? Not here!). No artificial or synthetic fragrances. No cheap, drying out alcohols, either. When you delight in our Organic, Natural and Wild-Crafted, plant based, cruelty free, sustainable products you are absorbing and experiencing the nuances of only nature can provide. You are lavishing in the BEST money can buy. In Quality. In Experience. In Goodness. Join us, join Tuscana and experience the Real Difference! It just comes natural. 

So, today, allow yourself to walk the path of joy while you’re on this earth, 

Treading lightly,




In luxury. 

Walk the path with us, For yourself. For the world.




P.S. A portion of every sale will be donated to our favorite causes. See our Blog Tuscana Top Notes for our current donations. Let us know your favorite causes, too!