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Our new Clear Pathways Aromatherapy essential massage oil medicinal will bring a breath of fresh air to your respiratory system while boosting your immunity.  The strong menthol of pure organic Eucalyptus oil, along with other synergistic essences, will open up your respiratory pathways, allowing a nice, deep, healing breath.  Not only is this formula medicinal in practice but it is also delightful to the senses. Give a healthy rub to your chest and throat and feel the clear difference!

  • Keeps air passage ways open 
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Smells fresh and clean

We feature Organic Jojoba Pure as the primary carrier oil that is infused with our essential oils so that Tuscana Natural skincare blends are on double-duty at all times. Organic Jojoba Pure, which miraculously knows how to regulate and balance our natural skin oils, is delicately infused with the excitement, wonder and healing actions of our amazing essential oils. Therefore, Down-to-Earth Jojoba Pure + Divine Essential Oils Supreme= Tuscana Natural’s HEAVEN ON EARTH! 

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