TUSCANA quotes INSPIRATION will surely brighten your day. Whether it's wisdom that has survived the ages, or the insight of modern-day thinkers that has risen above the noisy babble, our TUSCANA quotes INSPIRATION collection of short poems, proverbs, witticisms and sayings will put wisdom at your fingertips and give you new tricks and tips for understanding life just a little better. 

The words of our curated INSPIRATION quotes will wash over you like the warm sun on a cool spring day,  to uplift your spirit, strengthen your sense of self and empower your being.

Each quote comes in an adorable black, wooden mini-frame, a piece delightful, aesthetically pleasing and small (and oh-so-cute) that it can sit lightly in the palm of your hand for a quick uplift and then easily placed and moved around wherever you choose, such as on your desk, bedside table, kitchen counter, on a living room shelf or hanging on the wall-- all for convenient and pleasant viewing, and contemplation. 

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