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Our TUSCANA quotes CATS will surely warm up your day. Cats mysteriously roam our planet hailing from a world unknown. Unless they choose to honor us with their attention, they mostly stay to their own affairs (which is a plus in our book!) Cat quotes really rock (but then only a cat lover really understands.) Check out our Cat Quotes and see which ones speak to your inner tiggerdom.

*  So as not to leave out other animals that some (unfortunate) people love, such as dogs, we have included some other creature quotes as well. They're great too! (By the way, some us love dogs, too, believe it or not! LOL)

Each quote comes in an adorable black, wooden mini-frame, a piece delightful, aesthetically pleasing and small (and oh-so-cute) that it can sit lightly in the palm of your hand for a quick uplift and then easily placed and moved around wherever you choose, such as on your desk, bedside table, kitchen counter, on a living room shelf or hanging on the wall-- all for convenient and pleasant viewing, and contemplation. 

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