Try our own Organic Jojoba Pure!

You can't beat Jojoba oil for skin care. Soothing and no oily residue!

At TUSCANA we are nothing if not NATURAL, and nothing is more natural to your skin than this precious, pure organic Jojoba oil. That's because Jojoba oil (wax ester, really) is so similar to the oil that your skin produces (which is called sebum) that it fits right in! NOTHING beats Jojoba oil when it comes to nourishing, balancing and protecting our “challenged” skin from the oxidation stresses we face in everyday modern life. Jojoba oil is also the best when it comes to scalp and hair rejuvenation and revitalization. And don’t let it be forgotten...Jojoba oil has been cherished by Southwestern Native Americans (going way back) for its skin and hair healing properties.


    • Benefits safely all skin types
    • Balances and mimics natural skin oils
    • Provides relief for dry, chapped hands, itchiness and sunburn 
    • Slows aging skin and speeds wound healing
    • Nourishes skin, hair, scalp and cuticles
    • Absorbs quickly. No greasy after feel, only skin glow

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